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MAP Sensor


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Hi all,

I've had a number of problems with my car recently, slowly getting them fixed with help from various forums.

The car:

Passat, B5, 130 BHP 1.9 TDI. 2002 year AWX engine code.


Replaced wastegate, all vacuum tubes, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, injector, injector wiring loom, glow plugs.


When starting from cold the car chuck out a large amount fo water smoke. Smells strongly of diesel (not oil)

Vag com has the following:

17569 - Manifold Temp Sensor (G72): Open or Short to Plus

17564 - Manifold Pressure Sensor (G71): Open/Short to Ground

Could these cause a huge cloud of white smoke being produced? Is it just one unit? Can it be changed / swapped easily (locaion in car if known please)

thanks everyone


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