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Mk4 Golf TDI - Inconsistent Performance


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Hey everyone, I'm new here and I was hoping to get a bit of help please :) I have a 1999 Mk4 Golf TDI SE 90 - Superchipped to 115.

I must admit its pretty quick considering its the older engine and turbo. I am having a slight issue with a random lack of performance from the engine. Most of the time its fine, but one day it could be an animal, the next it just doesn't have that extra bite from the day before.

I had the MAF replaced a year ago, which made a massive difference, so its definately not that. It revs quite freely, doesn't smoke too badly, although it will chuck out light grey mist/smoke when you floor it in a higher gear.

I've noticed that it generally performs better when the engine is colder and/or the weather is a bit colder. Always seems to lack that "edge" in performance when its warmer. If the engine and air temp is really cold and I floor it (bad, i know) it will suddenly cut out the turbo at 2000+ rpm. If I re-apply the throttle after that, its fine again.

The car has done about 84k miles and has a full service history.

Any advice? Any common faults? I should be able to get a VAG COM check on it in a few weeks. Thanks everyone :D

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