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Restricting Internet Access


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Bit of help required,

We've got a few networked PC's at our office which we use for training and general admin duties. Is there anyway to restrict access to the internet from these PC's without removing internet explorer?

May be able to set them up with administrator etc but the program is still on there and open to "fiddling"!


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If all the PCs are on the same subnet you could hard code a non existant default gateway address which would stop the PCs from getting on the internet. The only problem with that is I think you'll have to give the machines static IP addresses.

That'd also be a problem if the email servers were off site.

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Block outbound http and https access at your firewall to all the clients and force them to use a proxy server. You can then setup whatever restrictions you want on the proxy.

Thanks for the replies gents, this one is the only one I understand :):roflmao:

So tomorrow I shall be tinkering.

Expect to see me back on forum Friday to ask how to put the balls up right :D+++

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