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[Audi A3/S3] Help needed buying an A3


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I'm looking at buying an A3 1.8 sport / 1.8 T sport and wondered if anyone knew of anything I should be looking out for when I go and have a look at the cars.

They're second hand ones that I'm looking at from around 1999 and 2000.

Anyone know if having a mileage of over 100K will pose a problem?


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Assuming it's been looked after it should be good for another 100k, my A3 TDi has over 100k on the clock and going well +++

What to look out for apart from the standard things for cars of that age/mileage.

1. Cambelt has been changed (5 years or 120k miles)

2. Look out for squeaks from the front bushes, common issue

3. Aircon servicing/re-gassed

4. Check when next service is due, turn key to pos 3 and press the clock button in the dash.

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I have a 2000 1.8T. Other than the ususal wear and tear stuff here are the parts I've had to replace that I found (with help from TSN!) are common problems:

1. MAF

2. Coil packs

3. Water pump replaced when cambelt was changed

4. Rear axle bushes

5. Getting squeaking from the front after longish journeys so will get the garage to check the bushes when service is due

So I would check if these have been replaced and they have receipts for the work.

BTW my car has done just short of 100K, and still running well!

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