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Edition 30 owners LOOK (plaque info)


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Just so you know VW are supposedly giving us a plaque with the build number of the car on, pics below

Illustrating size and look of plaque


Location of where plaque is to be positioned - base of A pillar on door trim


The plaques are now waiting for sign off by Managing Director of Volkswagen Group, which will hopefully be next week. They will then be distributed directly to owners.

Pics/ post courtesy of nathan (Greenouse)

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Ah, I think this was raised previously on here iirc.

I think some felt that they were getting a limited run model here as VW has loosely mentioned that they planned to bring 1500 into the UK.

I wonder if they will do the same for European models?

well, loosely in some people opinion, but others it was a big selling point with some dealers, there official documents with mention of the 1500 too, i guess they think this will make it better

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Hopefully all will be happy then now. +++

I wonder how it was marketed in the Ed 30 sales brochure. I remember that there was a seperate brochure for the Ed30 model just as there was for the GTI in it's initial launch year.

The daft thing is, anyone who has a Pirelli model is driving rocking horse ****! I suspect in 20 years time the Pirelli will be the model of choice amongst enthusiasts. :)

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Pirelli? Pah.....I dont believe that for one second........would you want tyre prints around your car? Its a lame excuse of a GTI.

I might start a war here but I dont care, its a stupid edition and one I cant see being that popular now...and years to come.

Its just not that good looking IMO.

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Well personally i disagree, the Pirelli edition is a far better looking car then the edition 30, as for the interiors they are both equally hideous.

they should have put the 230ps engine in a standard gti and put some 19 inch monzas on.

now that would have been a very discrete special edition

in what way is it better looking ?, apart from the interior it only has different alloys LOL, its basically the same car

anyway back on the proper topic of edition 30 plaques

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looking forward to eventually getting a plaque, but bit of a daft place to put it - wtf were they thinking?

may as well stick it in the glovebox, as it will not get seen.

I contacted vw customer service, and they confirmed my details and i will get my plaque in due course (whenever that may be).

it is a daft place, but in line with the daft placing of the 25th anni plate


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Why is simple. Because it was a way to stop Edition 30 owners twisting on and on about the 1500 number on each and every forum in the world. Quite a few of the 'owners' came up with this idea and asked VW and so VW to stop them going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about the 1500 number they gave this as a token, a very cheap way of shutting them up!

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Well anyway I am VERY VERY proud owner of my ED30, I shall mount the plaque as its now supposed to be on the car but I agree, its not going to make any difference at all to the resale one bit.

It is a special edition so why can't it have the finish of a special plaque to say Happy Birthday?

Oh and I see plenty of GTI wanna b's, many actual GTI's no R32's and No other ED30's around the cambridge/newmarket A14 corridoor.+++

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