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Cleaning the camera(sensor) side of a lens


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I am normally paranoid about changing lenses quickly but for some reason I took off my 50mm lens and left it lens-cap side down on a mantelpiece OVERNIGHT (d'oh) - basically forgot I hadn't put the cap on the sensor-side part.

I cringed when I saw it the next day and sure enough there is visible dust. Now the question is, do I just dab at it with standard lens fluid/cloth, or does it need specialist cleaning (or products)? Obviously it's glass and not as fragile as the sensor, but equally I don't want to use an optical wipe etc. if the chemicals might attack the sensor once I re-attach the lens, or if the dust removal won't be good enough.

I've kept the lens off the camera until I'm sure - any help appreciated. The body is a D300 and the vibrating dust removal seems to work OK under normal circumstances, but I don't want to introduce a night's worth of dust into the system by using the lens until I'm sure it's as clean as I can get it.


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Good tip +++ - found an aerosol blower from Jessops and used this at a safe distance and without shaking (so you don't get propellant droplets over the glass) and it worked a treat :D

Had it in the house from old astronomy telescope days, but hadn't thought of it - thanks bazza

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