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Renault Kangoo Van - SL19 dCI70 - 53 Reg


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It's time to sell my beloved Kangoo! A new Octavia vRS is sat on my drive so I have no further use of it. The majority of its time with me has been completely unladen (I work in IT), part of the reason I bought it was so I didn't have to use my Corrado for commuting as well as been cheaper to run!

The other reason I bought it was for my part time Detailing business, usually averaged at 2-3 cars a month during warmer times. No water tank or generator was carried in it, just the usual detailing kit.

As you can tell by the colour its ex-British Gas. After that a joiner bought it for a couple of months only to find out it wasn't really big enough for his business, I then purchased it from a Van dealer in Baildon. The BGas Service History, as always with fleet vehicles, is printed and not stamped.

Here's the specs etc.

Renault Kangoo SL19 dCI70 - 53 Registered

49,000 miles

Full Service History

MOT - June 2009

Tax - June 2009

Full Security Upgrade (as per British Gas specs)

Steel Bulkhead (see pics) & Deadlocks

Side Loading Door

Power Steering

Remote Central Locking

Service & Cambelt Replaced (3,000 miles ago!)

I did intend on selling this with 12 Months MOT but I didn't count on my new car taking 12 weeks to arrive! The difference between the SL17 & SL19 models is that the SL17 can take up to 650kg and the SL19 (this one) can take up to 800kg.

Average MPG is 50+. I filled her up for an MPG test (driving it very economically) and then again to accurately measure it. Over 200 miles it averaged 57.1MPG!

Price = £2,995 (No VAT)

Please remember when you see vans for sale on Autotrader that the majority are all +VAT, so basically add 17.5% onto their price! As I'm not VAT registered there is no VAT to pay. What you see is what you pay.

PM me or ring on 07852 135718 - Andy

Keighley, West Yorkshire (BD20)











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