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New member question on exhausts for an S8


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After reading lots of the previous threads on this forum I decided to take the plunge and join.

Clearly there is wealth of knowledge out there which is really reassuring to see and I appreciate that my question about exhausts is probably been answered many times before, but I am seriously considering upgrading my S8 exhaust before my wife:sauer: , kids :Slap:or the government :ffs: take what little money I have left!

I have used Milltek exhausts twice before. Once on a audi TT which was a good experience and once on a bmw 330 coupe auto which to be honest wasn't a good, due to the constant droning noise at anything over 55mph.

I saw from the old threads that some people used LPS autos and the work they carried out looked very impressive, loved the look of the Quad exhausts. But the phone numbers and web links listed don't seem to work, are they still is business?

EPS in Holland also seemed to be highly rated?

Being that I am based in SW London I am leaning towards Paramount Performance who recommend Milltek and can remap to give a 20 bhp increase.

Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.



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EPS is still going strong! See for phone nrs on their (Dutch) website.

Think I was the first to do this mod here, Botang followed shortly thereafter. I think we'r both still very satisfied with the results! Here's the old thread FYI.

Meanwhile others have done a similar mod in the UK. I'm sure they'll be happy to share their experiences.

And don't forget about the X-crossover... ;)

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Hi Sven,

Thanks for the response and the links.

The guy's at EPS look excellent, but being based in London i doubt I will get the chance to get over there before the new year!

Because I use my S8 for work, I have to be fairly careful how loud I make it and one of the key issues is the possible drone on motorway journeys which i am keen to avoid.

I have spoken with Milltek this morning about having a X pipe as part of their system and they are going to call be back shortly to see if this is possible?

I really like the idea of the X-pipe especially after viewing a clip on youtube of an S8 with one. The sound was perfect!

Also I went to visit Paramount Performance in Slough recently and they are recommending the Milltek resonated with a remap, claiming that they could get a minimum of 25% increase on the bhp?

Out of interest do you get much drone on motorways from you exhaust? And will from your experience the X pipe increase or decrease the drone factor?



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Are you sure the claim was not 25bhp? 25% is impossible from just an exhaust and a remap.

Not the case. It depends how much of an exhaust you're putting on as well as how restricted the original engine set-up is. If you use hi flow cats (with 200 cpi or less) plus a hi flow exhuast (Milltek is a good example) then you can get a 25% increase in power on some cars. Some being the applicable word.

My R32 - 237 bhp as standard - remap plus full Milltek & cats 304 bhp = 29% increase.

My S4 (4.2 V8) - 340 bhp as standard - remap plus full Milltek & cats = 395 bhp = 16% increase

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