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[Audi A3/S3] Onboard computer fault


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Hey guys,

I have recently looked at an Audi A3 and the computer screen image is broken/fading. The screen is intact though.

Just wondered if anyone knew how much it would be to replace the screen and whether it is worth doing.

I'm potentially looking at buying the car but wondered if it would be pointless in doing so if the screen costs too much.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Cheers for the advice guys.

I phoned up my nearest Audi dealership yest to see if they could get the part in and they said they could but that it'll be a few hundred at least (about £400-500 all in).

If the rest of it works would they not just replace the screen (like they would with a laptop say - pardon my ignorance)

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the main problm is that your going to have to take it to Audi to get the new/2nd hand cluster encode to your keys/immob/ECU unless you get yours repaired by the company mentioned.

You dont say what model it is, there is an 8L (pre 2003) S3 cluster on the UK ebay with little interest.

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My display is fine when cold, but fades as the temperature and the car warms up.

I just live with it.

I would do the same except it looks like someones writing down morse code, can't see the oil level etc at all.

Phoned up the nearest Audi dealership today to get a quote, they've said that it's gonna be £725 all in.

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Give Dean a shout at 4Rings, he's an ex Audi tech and comes highly recommended, he's mobile too and only lives in Dartford, 07906 581394.

He might be able to steer you in the right direction or atleast fit the part if you get one +++

4 Rings Ltd


I'll bear him in mind if i decide to get the car.

Not sure if it is the oil lvl, just shows a little oil lamp when going through what i assume is the car checks.

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oh hang on... no that is the oil, thought you were refering to the gauge needle to the left of the fuel :smashfreak:

if you're geting the oil lamp on startup then there is an issue, have you checked the oil? could be a sensor or the fact there is no oil in it!

Not yet as it was only serviced last month.

I've booked the car in at a local garage who offered to give it a pre-purchase check for me so hopefully they'll be able to check everything and let me know what else needs to be done-apart from the computer screen.

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