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Biker Jailed


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This guy was a lunatic :eek:

Times Online TV | Audio / Video - Times Online

A motorcyclist who posted footage of himself on YouTube performing "lunatic and grossly irresponsible manoeuvres" at up to 130mph was today jailed today.

Sandor Ferenci, 28, performed wheelies, skids and raced on the opposite side of the road around Banbury, Oxfordshire, and then put the footage on the video-sharing website.

Ferenci, a carer, then inadvertently spilt the beans to police about the YouTube footage after being reported by a member of the public who saw him performing wheelies and other stunts on his Yamaha R6 bike on the A422 Banbury to Brackley road on June 10 this year.

When officers called at his home after the complaint, and before they had a chance to say anything to him, Ferenci asked them: “Is this about the YouTube video?” Police then discovered that he had posted the video clips of himself on the internet

The footage, which was played to the court, had been filmed by a friend from various angles including from a footbridge. It shows the bike performing wheelies, wheelspins and skids, causing the tyres to smoke, the bike undertaking other vehicles and driving at excessive speed.

Brian Payne, prosecuting, said it was impossible to attribute an exact speed at which Ferenci was driving, but police have estimated he may have reached up to 130mph.

Judge Terence Maher - disqualifying Ferenci from driving for two years at Oxford Crown Court and ordering him to take an extended driving test before he is allowed on the road again - told Ferenci that he had carried out “lunatic and grossly irresponsible manoeuvres at considerable speed”.

Sgt Bryan Smith, of Thames Valley Police, said: "It's important to qualify that we are talking about public roads and they are there as a transport network, not a race track or show ground.

"It's incredibly dangerous. A trophy video has been used on the internet and it could incite other road users to behave in the same way."

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Fair enough he should be locked up for that music.... But did anyone see any members of the public in that video being put in danger ?

Its another grossly disproportionate punishment.... how many times do youths get let off with a slapped wrist for theft, vandalism, anti-social behaviour, burglery etc... REAL CRIMES which do affect peoples lives.

This idiot should have been banned and fined not jailed.

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I've never got that one either?

You dont need a particularly powerful car/bike to do a burnout, or much skill, so it's not really going to impress anyone other than kwik fit when you keep going back to give them more money?

Even as a 'wet behind the ears' spotty 17 year old oik I never saw the point, while everyone else was down Mac'donalds balding their tyres up on a patch of diesel (some needing a speed bump to stop the car moving) I was out learning how to drive my car fast round corners etc (some say I never did learn properly, but at least I tried!).

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Me either. YouTube is full of videos of them. There are even contests. I watched one because the title was "must see" or something and it was a Mazda rotary engined car and led me through the related videos section to something else I totally don't understand - Competitions where people blow engines up! Actual competitions!! What's that all about?! :smashfreak:

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A lot of these stunts used to be difficult - imagine wheelying a Z1 or burning out something with drum brakes (without the bleach/diesel help) - turning a burnout into a do-nut is tricky - but bikes are so light/powerful now that they are more displays of machine control & confidence than true skill.

In the US people are now building "stunt bikes" with huge rear spockets, braced swing-arms, thumb brakes & then going in for low speed wheelies, getting off the bike etc. now lots of riders can manage 100+ on the rear wheel or leave long black lines in the road.

Only time I have done burn outs was at Santa-Pod & surprisingly some people did have a problem...

Here is a video of some skillful/mad riding whilst a HM is one of the easier bikes for this sort of thing this guy is VERY good/dangerous - YouTube - Ducati Hypermotard Stunts (Ernie Vigil)

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