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New 'old' FIAT 500


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Some of you remember that M4ttm4son put a 'free to a good home' thread on here;


And I took him up on this.

The car started like this;




And it now looks like this;







You can see my wife and 17 month old sitting it it - coincidently its my wife's 30th birthday tomorrow, hence the red bow - she loves it

Once again a big thank you to Matt - and if you want to come down for a drive you are more than welcome

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Looks great, definitely got given to the right person. My sister and brother-in-law drives a baby blue 500 round San Francisco, they get pointed at and stopped by loads of people. It's great when you go to the Italian area as you're treated like royalty. One restaurant manager even moved a Lambo out of the way so they could park outside his restaurant.

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Its been done in the factory colour. All inside the boot, and car have been rubbed down and sprayed as well.

I'm really please with how its turned out.

It had an MOT, this week and just needed a couple of wheel bearings, and whilst there gave it a full service as well

Enjoy the pics

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