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FUEL Gauge not working


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Hi All,


I am need of your help please. My fuel guage is playing up and im not quite sure how to attack the problem; is it a new cluster jobby or maybe a new fuel sender?

The car has only done 18k, so im not sure whether its under warranty or not, im the second owner, i apologise for the stupid q's but ive no idea honest!

Well, yesterday, i knew i needed petrol; it was approaching empty, but no DIS intervention, i then put in a FULL TANK, as to the limit where the pump gave up clicking off and filled it ot the brim.

i returned to the car, ignition on and it reported HALF FULL/HALF EMPTY, and i was astonished! then later on when i got home, it then reported FULL, but FULL AS IN THE NEEDLE WAS OFF THE SCALE

What do i do guys; ive pressed CHECK on the cluster with the ign on; but no faults have been reported

Would really appreciate your help, as i dont know when im about to run out of petty!



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i had this on my B7 - its a new sender in the tank job.

just make sure they dont pinch the rubber seal when putting the hatch back on otherwise the fuel leaks out under the rear seat and floods the garage forecourt...

If you can even vaguely smell fuel when you get the car back, get them to check it!

not the best day i have had.

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thank you for your reply, greatly appreciated.

Is the tank sender a DIY jobby; ive done one before, but on a BMW E30. do you happen to know where the HATCH IS, i assume under the REAR SEAT? Im sure its not that hard once the seats are removed, but well with all these newer cars you jsut dont know

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