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Modification - white speedo/rev counter, heated seats


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Hi all

I'm looking at buying a Boxster and I really like the white speedo/rev counter dials/gauges that are featured on some models (I think mainly the Boxster S; but not all; and I have seen it on the odd older 2.5/2.7 models). But this seems to be fairly rare and I haven't spotted the ideal car yet...

If I were to buy one with the black dials, how easy is it to change them? I have seen a speedo cluster upgrade on a few websites but they say they need to be professionally installed... by whom (I'm in the East Midlands, UK) and at what sort of cost though? Would it need to be Porsche themselves doing the work?

I'd also really like heated seats (got these on my BMW 330 CI and they're fantastic in winter) but again they seem rare... I assume I'd probably need Porsche themselves to do this one though...?



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Welcome to the forum..

When I was looking around for my Porsche I was romanced by the amazing array of options. One thing I realised soon is that your gonna lose a whole load of cash by specifying some of the smaller options (like dials, interior paint and coloured dials/seat belts)so you tend to find most individuals speccing these.

If you get anything done afterwards its expensive (usually) so you have to look hard when looking for a car - there are some people who do spec these to a ridiculous level so you may find something close to what you want.

Not sure what your looking to pay and how old you want but if you speak to some of the Official Porsche Centres (OPC's) they sometimes have demonstartors which are specced in this manner.

Also check Welcome to BoXa.net - a good buch of Porsche owners there as well.

If you get a Boxster S then you'll get a white dial as it goes - not sure what else to suggest except have some fun test driving and hold out until you get what you want - there are loads of these vcars out there - autotrader, pistonheads and the like are good to see whats out there.

Bloody great car when you get in it and drive it though - I love it..



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