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[Audi A3/S3] Should I switch to regular servicing from AVS ?


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My S3 is due its second service next week at 22,500 miles, the first one was done at 10,300 miles. Up to the first service I did 10 miles a day so expected the low mileage before the service but since this service I moved jobs and do 45 miles a day on the motorway. I guess the AVS system basis a lot on the first few thousand miles and doesn't change much.

Personally I would prefer this tune of engine receiving a service every 10-12k, my thoughts are should I switch the standard service and save money on the oil as I am not seeing much more than the 10k this would last for anyway.

Thoughts ?


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It's personal preference. I've always switched a car to fixed service, simply because, even if the electronics say it's OK up to 18 or 20K, I think a car shouldn't have oil in it that long, so it's always been 10K miles for me for servicing, plus an oil change every 5K miles.

Make sure you ask them to update the car from AVS to fixed as part of the upcoming service, and when they next service it, ask them to use AVS oil +++

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