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2005 S4 Cold Start Whine at ~1400 rpm


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I have a 2005 S4 Cabriolet automatic, it has the 4.2 V8. The problem is when I first start the car after it has been sitting for some time (when the engine is cold at ambient air temp is below 60 degrees F), I have a noticable "whine or whistling," at about 1400 rpm, does this in gear or in park. I have searched the internet and came up with three different situations.

1) The belt tensioner, but the TSB doesn't include my VIN.

2) The Secondary Air Injection, but this isn't rpm dependent so I wouldn't think it would be it. No CEL or codes

3) I have read about a ECU reprogramming related to the intake, don't know how this would cause the whine, but it sounds like the most logical thing. Haven't really seen much out there about this so I'm having a few doubts.

4) Intake manifold bolts loose, checked this and hasn't resolved the situation

5) This is above and beyond the normal timing chain whine

The whine sounds like air resonance problem, kinda like a whistling, like air flowing across a partially open valve. It doesn't at all sound mechanical in any way, like bearings whining. It only happens in a small RPM range at cold starts and goes away after a few minutes.

I hate to take it to a dealership, only to find out they couldn't find what was wrong then charge me an arm and a leg. I would hate for them to start replacing parts uncessarily to solve the problem. FYI, the car is out of warranty.

I could just crank up the tunes but I hate for my car to sound like this. Its not consistant enough to fool people into believing I have a supercharger, which it doesn't.

Hoping someone has had similar problems and can help out.

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Had this on my 2004 S4. My VIN was also outside the range of 1) so dealer tried 3) with no success. I convinced them to do 1) and problem solved! I would have thought a friendly dealer could easily enough carry out 3).

1) was quite a big job as I recall so depends on Audi's stance. Unlikely they will carry this out if it does not affect your VIN in theory though

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