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Co-Car Test Drives... So far.


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Car 1 just arrived for the next 4 days. A BMW 325d M SPort Saloon.

Bluewater Metalic, Prof Media, Heated Seats, and Black Leather (list just over £34k).

First of all I quite like Bluewater, but I wouldnt have it over Le Mans Blue. New front and rear changes are hard to spot. New bonnet too. Wing mirrors are bigger vertically if that makes sense.

25d (3.0 197bhp) is a peach. Smooth, grunty and quick. Plenty quick enough for most scenarios and surprisingly doesnt feel as lacking against the 335d I used to own as I thought it would.

Ride is firm, but solid. Not crashy.

New Nav/idrive is a revelation. HDD based, and so fast - no waiting for anything. Shortcut buttons are a big improvement. The Map view is much more detailed - and the screen is bigger. I life the fact that you can suck music off cd onto the hard drive.

So far so good!

More to follow on the next 3!

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Only annoyance is that ful postcode is STILL not there (unless I am missing something).

123d arrives this avo....

That's dissapointing, you'd have thought the new iDrive would have caught up with TomTom by now :ffs:

I've driven the 123d Coupe round MillBrook and it's an absolute star. Very smooth and not dis-similar to a 2.0T petrol unit. You don't get the 6cyl purr, but you do get a very fast and economical ride. The 1-Coupe is also bigger than you'd think, so not impractical. I still wonder if I should have saved a bundle and got a 135i.

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The numbers just show where it is in the range, nothing more than that.

318i is a 2.0 with 140bhp

320i is a 2.0 with 177bhp

325i is a 3.0 with 218bhp

330i is a 3.0 with 272bhp

335i is a 3.0 with 306bhp and a twin turbo

Are Audi putting the 3.2 Tfsi Quattro into the A4??

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The A6 S-Line avant with the 3.2 turbo is the most appealing Audi for a long time, have the tuners got their hands on it yet??

One of those with dsg, air suspension and a few toys like nav, bluetooth, heated seats, black optics comes in at under £45k, so could be £30k at 12 months old these days.

I bet they will get 360bhp from that easily, could be interesting.

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Right, the story continues.

The 325d went today, to be replaced with a 123d. 123d is an M sport hatch. 18 alloys, cruise, nothing else.

First impressions are that it is about on a par with the 325d for performance, but sounds more like a diesel and isnt as smooth. As you would expect..

Only driven it 10 miles though, so early days. I must say the standard M sport 1 series seat finish is really nice - I wouldnt waste money on leather I dont think.

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I know you said no other cars, but you really should try the Mercedes C Sport, I reckon it is the best one out of the big German 3 at the moment.

Plus it looks really nice too...




The chassis is just awesome on it, very composed and comfy, but also really sporty, feels nearly as good as the M-Sport and a hell of a lot more fun than the A4, RWD really helps here.

In the 320d vs 2.0tdi vs C220cdi race I would take the Merc sport every time.

When it gets to S4 vs 335i Vs C350, that is where the Merc falls behind, mainly because of engine.

But I would also take the C63 over the RS4 or M3. Can't believe I am saying that, but just think the new C is awesome.

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