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XBox 360 - Which games should I be playing?


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I'm in hospital for a few days from Monday for an operation. Assuming I get out in one piece and haven't caught MRSA, C.Diff or some other nasty, I'm off work for at least two weeks to recover. I'll probably be housebound so assuming I don't spend all day watching Professionals, Sweeney and Minder re-runs on ITV4, it seems like a good opportunity to break out the Xbox 360.

I won it at a Charity Ball a couple of years back and it came with just about every accessory and option possible. I must have played with it for about 30 minutes (think it came with PGR3 and Test Drive Unlimited from memory) after I got it home but haven't touched it in 18 months as I just can't be arsed to get into it.

Are there some must have games that I should get? I guess racing and shoot 'em up type games are probably most up my street and the one thing I can't stand are the fantasy role playing type games. I just want something that you can start playing straight away, not something that takes weeks of reading manuals and remembering countless button combinations to do some "power move" that happens more by luck than judgment.

Suggestions welcome....

Edit: Oh, no football/sports games as they do my head in too! :)

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