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Mr Redknapp!!!


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I'd be doubly worried about now if I were a Newcastle fan - the Newcastle of the South has actually done something positive to get itself out of the mire. Probably means that it's now Stoke plus two others from the aformentioned Geordies, Fulham, West Brom and my own ickle Wigan.

I still think that Spurs have failed to remove the real problem from the club but at least they've taken some action, even though I don't think that getting rid of Ramos was necessarily the 100% right thing. Still, employing 6 1/2 bob note Harry is a whole lot better than Roy K (not Royston K).

Whatever next? Terence Venables for QPR :grin:

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Lol, your not kidding. I can just imagine Adam's turning up at Emirates with Spurs. He'd get linched. Anyway, he is the Messiah's replacement so he's biding his time for Wenger to retire.


Absolutely! Learning his trade a Portsmouth will be a great way to get to know how to get players working for points. If he can add that to Wenger et al's talent spotting we could have a winning formula for decades to come! :jump:

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