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Removing the Boot Lid carpet


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I have a lead in from the boot lid. After heavy rain, I open the boot and a pint of water escapes from under the boot lid carpet and into the drain gulley.

None of the carpet appears wet, and the lights still work. All very odd.

How do I get the carpet off the boot lid? It feels and sounds ready to rip off the retaining studs (I assume) with just the lightest tugs.

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There are screws covered in fibre of the same colour as the carpet. Look very closely and you should see them. You need to undo all of them(about 15), the two screws holding the plastic handle, take the warning triangle off, then there are two 10mm IRRC nuts holding the bracket. After that you need to slide the carpet out of the two clips next to the warning triangle bracket and it comes off.

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