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You can just set it to Auto and leave it to do the rest. It will be good shots but you won't get anything fancy.

Set the F stop to the lowest level probably f3.5 or 4 on that lens, and keep ISO set to 100 for the best shots, move it up if you are doing low light / night shots. Its a bit tricky to give you a two minute survival guide with an SLR. :P

Program mode might give you a little bit more or set it to aperture priority to hold the F stop value.

How much do you know about photography. :rolleyes::roflmao:

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Enjoy! Digital SLR camera

This link should give you a good idea about settings.

Very basics:

f stop (used on Av) changes your depth of focus both backwards and forwards from your focus point - larger number is more depth of field in focus.

ISO changes the sensitivity of the sensor. Use 100 in good daylight and move upwards in darkness. If using Av and you need a faster shutter speed because it's blurring then turn the ISO up. Problem = Higher ISO is a more grainy picture so never max it out if poss.

Shutter speed (Tv) is the time the shutter is open. More and you get a longer exposure/more depth of field.

Different situations need different settings dependant on light and white balance of the frame you're taking - especially in the strong sunlight you'd get in Spain.

Biggest problem with wedding photos is over exposing the white dress which loses the detail.

Switch the file output to RAW+JPG so you can fiddle exposures/white balance with the RAW file later if neccessary.

Make sure your flash memory can keep up with the camera too +++

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