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Intermittant indicators....


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hello folks

My 2001 tdi has developed a problem with the indicators, sometimes they work and sometimes they dont. they also start to work and then just stop or flash really quickly which also makes the relay click just as quick to.

On a side not the hazzards work fine and dont miss a beat but i have noticed the indicators seem to work off the same relay switch as the hazzards do!

Any pointers appreciated.

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Presume you've checked all the bulbs, fuses etc.

If in doubt renew the cheap stuff such as this first - you never know there may be a dicky bulb or a dodgy fuse lurking somewhere?

Good point although I know the bulbs are ok because the hazzard lights work unless they have a seperate bulb to the indicators which i doubt.

I'll check the fuses tomorrow although i'm sure this isn't the cause either!

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