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[Audi A3/S3] New Owner + Couple of Questions


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Well I collected my A3 Sportback yesterday, here's the specification.....

'08 2.0TDi S-Line (Limited)

- STronic

- Phantom Black

- Black/Silver Exclusive Leather

- RS4 Style Alloys

- Bose

- Heated Seats

- DVD Sat Nav Plus

- GSM Phone Prep

- 6 CD Autochanger

- ....dipped beam headlamps just upgraded to Philips X-treme Power, nice!

I could do with a little help on a few matters, the 'junior' mods have started already :)

- I want to hard wire my Road Angel, the fuse box by the front drivers side door seems to be the easiest way. Can anybody advise me which is the best 'switched' fuse to link to? I was going to use the Cigarette Lighter but this doesn't seem to be 'switched' (i.e. I want the Road Angel to switch off with the ignition)

- Is it an easy/affordable upgrade to install the Multi Function Steering Wheel or is this a no, no?

- Audi Rear Parking sensors, I would like these and they seem affordable on VAG Parts - is this a big install job, Audi quoted me 2.5 hours which would mean 5 for me??

- Ambient lighting to come as well :)

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There are some suitable MFSW around at the moment, you're looking at around £400 for the wheel alone, plus any other parts to make it work.

Last time I had parking sensors done, I got Audi to do it, I couldnt be bothered with lifting the bumper, etc - I'd rather they took the risk +++ There is now tto stop you providing your own parts if you can get them cheaper than they can.

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