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Far Cry 2 (PS3)


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pre-ordered this thro hmv and recieved friday.

I played far cry 1 on pc , and downloaded all the extra maps etc, and was / is a fantastic game.

although Far Cry 2 has the same name, this is really where the similarity ends. No Jack Carver or any of the strange creatures to shoot. Game play is similar to the original, but is set in africa, and has lots of missions, and you are able to buy weapons if you find enough diamonds. you can travel to other areas by walking, bus or vehicles.

Huge map to explore,and enjoyable gaming experience., good graphics and smooth game play.

If you like FC 1, you will like this one, just do not expect the same sort of game.

lots of reviews on tinternet, which are fairly accurate.

Not tried online game yet.

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Really? I found the graphics to be a joke. The framerate stutters a lot. The map is big but very boring - it doesn't give you any reason whatsoever to venture off and explore it. All the missions are dull and repetetive. I'd compare it to Assassins Creed in this respect where you're doing pretty much the same thing all the way through.

The gun mechanics are clunky, and there's way to much pissing around in vehicles aswell to get from A-B to do a mission and then to have to go back to the beginning to collect a payment. The fire physics aren't that orgasmic either.

The Multiplayer is so bad that it makes you want to curl up in the corner of a room and cry. Comparing it to the first one as I naturally do, it doesn't even come close to being as entertaining. Far Cry still to me has one of the finest Single Player experiences i've ever played. Whereas this is easily beaten by the likes of most other shooters. Even Call of Duty: World at War, and that's saying something. One of the most dissappointing games i've played in recent years is this.

On a better note, i've just bought Fable 2 and Midnight Club LA and they're both brilliant.

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Playing the PC version. The graphics are excellent on my PC (quite high spec PC admittedly) no framerate problems or lag.

I am only a couple of hours in and generally like it so far. However the random on the road encounters are terrible and just a pain when you want to get somewhere. It seems very linear at the moment. Go to NPC A, got to NPC B - Kill B go back to A (repeat). I've only the basic gun but it takes alot of ammo to drop a bad guy. The AI can seemingly spot you through foliage from a mile away too.

It's doesn't feel like a real world as they said it would (do they ever?). I'm going to give it a bit longer but not sure I will finish this.

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I've been looking forward to this game since early this year and I've rebuilt my games PC just for the occasion, popped in the fastest phenom quad core processor, a OCZ 1000W power supply that sounds similar to a Boeing 747 ticking over, and the latest ATI GPU and I must say the graphics look pretty blooming good when I started up Far Cry 2 for the first time, but I must admit I was a little disappointed to see that it's deviated so much from the first one, considering how much of a hit it was. I haven't reached a firm conclusion on it yet as I'm not too far into it but I don't think it's my cup of tea.

Oh well, the next Call Of Duty should be out soon, I'm sure that wont stray far from the shooting and blowing up line!

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