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B7 Cabrio - Bluetooth + RNS-E install

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I'm just about to start dismantling the car to perform a bluetooth and RNS-E install. I was hoping some kind soul would be able to answer a few nagging questions for me.

1. Does the bluetooth microphone still live in the reading light fitting? The cabrio is constructed differently to a normal A4 so just wanted to be sure.

2. If I take out the glove box I am planning to mount the Bluetooth behind it and also place the GPS antenna somewhere above the glove. Does this seem sensible? Don't really want to take the instrument panel out if i can help it to mount the GPS antenna there!

3. The cable route from the bluetooth unit to the microphone. This is the tricky bit as I see it. Can anyone offer me any tips and advice on the exact trim parts i'd need to remove and how best to go about it? I've been scouring the internet, looking for pics and diagrams, but can really find any cabrio specific information and am wondering if the cable route is any different.

Thanks guys,


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3. Not sure on the cabrio but on the saloon and Avant you remove the glovebox and the bit of A pillar trim beside it, then you remove the sun visor and the A pillar trim, then remove the light and feed the wire across.

Yeah that's the way Craig did my cabrio. +++

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Hi PetrolDave and Daz,

Many thanks for your reply.. i'm going to be having a go at fitting the cabling today.

One of the install write-ups i've seen online push the cabling in behind the trim around the windscreen pillar using a butter knife. Do you know if this achieves the same result or is it definitely recommended to have the trim off?

I've had the lighting panel down from the headliner and found that there is no oblong rectangular recess for the audi microphone like i've seen in other write-ups online, only circular recesses. So i've had the mic out of its housing and am fitting it into one of the circular areas. I assume therefore that there is a specific mic for the cabrio?

Thanks again guys.


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Hiya Craigyb,

Thanks for your reply. It's all installed and appears to work although the person I was calling thinks the mic is a bit sensitive and sounded fine when i was as far from the mic as possible. I'll try adjusting the sensitivity with Vag-com and see what difference that makes.

Would you have the full audi part number for the correct microphone please so I can source one if need be?

Many thanks


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