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Finally - competition for my S8


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i've always said that I'd never sell my trusty 2001 S8 as I couldn't find anything better,at least without spending silly money.

Kind of pensioned off the S8 the last couple of years,and have always run another car as well for daily use,always estates (and laterally a Range Rover),'cause the dog likes 'em.

Anyway, i've just bought a 2001 Mercedes Benz E55 estate, and boy, does it go! - it's the first thing (outside of out and out speedstars) that I've tried that will give the S8 a run for it's money-it's even halfway decent on bends, thanks to the wide tyres and AMG suspension mods. -it's perhaps even a tad quicker on a straight line run.although i still think I could lose it on a long twisty bit with the S8, but it would be hard work, and probably not a great deal in it.

I've just dropped it (the E55)off at Hilton Autogas to have LPG fitted-the main man there has a very nice 2002 S8 that' he put LPG on some time ago and swears by it - says he doesn't see any difference at all in the performance.

The main critism i would make of the E55 is that it's kinda easy to break traction and get the traction control blinking away like mad - apparently they're a bit of a handful in the wet -as it's just started snowing here in the midlands, next week could be quite interesting!

I'm driving the S8 again at the moment as the E55 is in for a week,so it's going to be interesting to make comparisons-after all they were conceived as direct competitors the year they were built.

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I had a black E55 saloon on an s plate for a while and would agree with you on the performance, I was constantly worried about getting points on my licence, but I dont think the interior spec and luxury is a patch on the A8/S8 and the Audi is arguably better on the appearance/style front I feel too. that said it was a great and enjoyable car for a road and b road fun driving and of course its a great big estate car if youre looking for a very fast ride for the dog! +++

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