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TV or Sky box problem?


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:grin: got an annoying problem developing with our TV, any ideas would be most appreciated +++

Setup: Panasonic TH42PZ80, coming up to 1 year old with a SkyHD box plugged into it on HDMI1 and the PS3 connected on HDMI2. PS3 is turned off.

Symptoms: whilst watching Sky, the TV goes black and the HDMI1 icon comes up in the top left like its lost the signal. I then have to select another source, then go back to HDMI1 and Sky is fine again?

Does this sound like a prob with the TV or is the SkyHD box on its way out? (1 month out of warranty!). The Plasma has a 5 year warranty but having it taken away is a pain in the ****

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Its the dubious signal from the Sky box.

Our LCD does the same with our Sky+ box - flickers like you're changing input and sometimes knocks itself off.

Definately the Sky box as it didn't do it with the old 'regular' Sky box.

There's a whole raft of FAQs on Sky about it - Press the following buttons on your remote -> Interactive > Sky Active > Q&A or A to Z and you'll find them soon enough.

Whether they help is a different matter!

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What HD output setings are you using. I've never had a problem with the HDMI output of my SkyHD or Sky+ boxes.

Make sure your not using AUTO, but fix it at 1080i. Adverts and programs are at different resolutions and aspect ratiops, so your tv will try and change if you don't have the output fixed.

The TV's I've used the SkyHD box with are a Toshiba 37" LCD and the current TV a Pioneer 428XD.


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