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Run Flat Tyres


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A lot of tyre places won't fix punctures in runflats anymore, even if the location of the puncture is within the usual guidelines, for liability reasons. Their argument is that they can't tell how far the car has been driven with the tyre deflated, and therefore the structure of the tyre could be damaged.

We had a puncture in a RFT on a MINI in '02, which our BMW dealer fixed without batting an eyelid. When I went back in '05 with a punctured RFT on an E90 330i they wouldn't even look for the puncture; replace only I was told. Company car, so wasn't bothered :roflmao:

Then in '07 when the 535d had a puncture again BMW wouldn't look at it, and neither would Kwik Fit. An local independent was happy to fix it though, but last year he wouldn't touch a puncture on the 120d

Coincidentally I think they make much more money from selling you a new tyre :rolleyes:


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