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Sky + and a wiring query


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I have a Sky plus box in my living room with xbox attached. When I play xbox my girlfriend wants to watch stuff we have recorded on the HD in another room.

The bedroom has a non plus Sky box in it with a telly. The room is behind the living room so drilling a hole in the wall and running a cable is my first thought, but my query is which sockets do I swap etc on the back of the Sky plus box and do I go into the non plus Sky box or straight into the telly.

I think it maybe something that I will easily fumble through but any advice prior to doing it would be great.


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Take a co-ax feed from the RF2 port on the Sky HD unit straight to the TV co-ax in the other room.

It should work, but being on Virgin cable, I'm not 100% up on the hard drive recorded prog method inside the Sky HD box. Adding in a red eye remote should also allow remote tp work in other room +++

Yep, that will work, you will just need to enable RF2 out on the Sky Set Up menu+++

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