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Cisco VPN login problem


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I seem to have a strange issue with my cisco vpn which tech support at work don't seem to be able to sort.

I've recently had a new hard drive on my laptop and a new version of cisco put on my laptop.

The strange thing is, it connects via vodafoone 3g card perfectly but on my home network I get an error message (462) - basically I click connect and it doesn't bring up the usual login details box where I put the code in.

Now if I repeatedly click connect and disconnect it will evenytually confuse itself and brings up the required login box. I populate the details and it will then connect ok.

My tech support say it is an issue with my router (they think something is blocking it). I disagree with this on the basis that my own laptop has a slightly older version of the cisco on it and it connects perfectly to the same login details through my home network.

Is there a firewall setting that needs adjusting on my work laptop. As I mentioned above, it works fine with vodafone 3g connection but not my home network.

Any suggestions as I am hitting a dead end with my work's IT team! :confused:

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I was going to answer on the other thread, but thought better of it +++

Check your MTU size. There's various utilities to shrink your outgoing MTU. You can get an issue with IPSEC/SSL VPNs where the authority is sent out as 'dont' fragment' but with the packet sizing meaning the packet must fragment, resulting in a failed connection. You get the impression that authentication takes yonks and then just fails with a random error.

Set your MTU back to say 1200/1300 and see if you can actually login.

Do you have access to the vpn host? I.e. to get a copy of the IOS running config? If you turn on:

debug crypto isakmp 255

...and then login and let me have the output I should be able to tell you exactly why it's failing +++

There's a basic fault finding thing here: Cisco VPN Client FAQ - Cisco Systems

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Thanks Mac, I think I have a MS routing problem as it connects fine in the office but fails at home through my ISP connection. The Cisco help pages should assist with fixing this. I had a temporary laptop earlier this week whilst mine was having a new hard drive installed and it did exactly the same thing.

I'll probably fire it up again on Sunday and have another play. +++

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Not being a very techy sort of person I will have to get out tech support to look into this further I think. I'm happy to change settings on my laptop myself but I will use your suggestions with tech support - thanks for this, they seemed happy to just say it's a problem with my belkin router and not bother to help to really resolve the problem! +++

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What operating system do you have on your laptop/home machine? Are you using MSCHAP?

Cisco Client won't work with Vista because MS have deprecated MSCHAP because of security concerns.

I've had to set up a separate XP machine on a virtual machine to connect to some of our client's VPNs.

My work laptop is on MS Office 2003 and my own is on XP. It was never a problem logging onto the cisco vpn until I had a new hard drive installed and a newer version of the cisco login software. All is still fine on the slightly older software version though. +++

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