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Replacement for the 350Z - The 370Z


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I watched an intreasting show about Ghosn (think its on BA's in flight enterntainment this month) it was quite intreasting. But what was clear is that Nissan and Renault are two distinct and different companies both run in different ways. Its not simply a case of being able to swap about parts and engines. I suspect the car will come as hybrid effort before being a diesel!

All these cars that are almost the same FWD TDI's....VAG must have gone to your head!

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Nissan and Renault will share a lot more parts than that. That's for sure.

Mr Ghosn will want to maintain the idea of seperate identities...........but rest assured things like engines WILL be shared in certain situations.

Why waste money getting Renault and Nissan to create seperate 2.0 4 pots (for instance)? Heads might be different, but the block and all the auxillary stuff will be the same.

Why bother merging if you don't use the synergies?

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