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Money corrupts


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As the England cricket team found out against the Stanford 11!

Offer up a $1m per player prize and this is what happens.

They'd already spent it in their minds - doesn't matter what they say.

You offer anybody that sort of prize money when the usual prize for winning is a pat on the back, a trophy, pack of cheesey puffs and £10K, and it WILL put them off their natural game.

Maybe next year Mr Pieterson.

Oh, pick a better team too - pick people who have played and won and have not retired from the 1 day and less scene.....(Mr Harmisson)


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It was typical England, they choked. We ran away from the ball when batting, even a 5 year old knows it's easier to hit the ball when it's infront of you. Then proceeded to bowl nice dolly balls for them to hit out of the ground.

I'm not that bothered about the money just the inept display the England team yet again showed. Can someone please explain why the best 20/20 player in England , Graham Napier wasn't playing? The ECB can't get it into their thick heads that Test, One day and 20/20 cricket are different and we should have different squads.

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I am so pleased we lost. Thats the first and hope only time i ever say that about any England team.


Interviewer asks question: What will you do if you win the money?

West Indian 20 year old Fletcher. "I come from a single parent family, so i would like to give some money to a cause that helps single parent families on the islands. I also want to give some to the cricket club i joined when i was a boy. It taught me many things and kept me out of trouble.

The rest i will invest.

Same question to Graham Swann (lucky english cricketer that never really forces his way into an england team in any form of the game).

"i will buy a pink Ferrari"

What a tw@t, pr1ck, c0ck. I want to punch him in the head.

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