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Boxster with 4 Cylinders......


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No sooner have they bought VW, than they are raiding the parts bin for 4 cylinder engines!

Doesn't mention if they will be Boxer engines though...

Doesn't say much at all really.


The next Porsche Boxster will feature a four-cylinder engine for the first time, Stuttgart insiders have said.

Few details are known about the entry-level Boxster, but it is “the most economical Porsche ever” according to company sources.

Porsche’s most economical models are currently the 2.7-litre Boxster and Cayman, which emits 222g/km of CO2.

The turbocharged engine is likely to offer just over 200bhp, and next Boxster is expected to be significantly lighter than its predecessor.

Expect this entry-level model in 2011.

This will help in the race to lower the average CO2 per car.

Any takers or definite avoiders?

Discussed in the Porsche Chat section.

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