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Tyre size


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Yes, you can fit 245s on the same rims. The 255 and 245 indicate the width in mm of the tyre. The 45 indicates the profile of the tyre as a percentage of the width, so you'll end up with a smaller rolling radius if you fit 245s on your car, so your speedo will read faster than you're going. Not by much, though with such a small change

Check this site Tire size calculator and it'll tell you by how much the rolling radius will change and how much your speedo will be out by.



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Hello folks I have not posted for a little while but I am still here.

I have a question about tyres. My tyres on the 8 are 255/45/18 I want to know if I can fit 245/45/18 on the same alloys and what possible issues I may have if any.


The manual should also tell you what you should have fitted - or in the fuel filler flap with the tyre pressures.

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Thanks for the reply folks. I forgot to mention that I have both a D2 sport for about 7years and a D3 quattro recently acquired, which comes with the 255 profile. 2 of these require changing and as I have at least four of the 245/45/18 in the garage for the D2 I was wondering if it was feasible to just change all four to 245/45/18 what do members think? Failing that I would just buy to new 255 profile.


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