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Removing locking wheel nuts with no key


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When you want to make a thread in a hole in a chunk of metal, you use what's called a "tap", which make the thread. As you'd guess with a standard, right hand thread, it makes it so the bolt turns clockwise to tighten.

A reverse thread tap does, erm, the reverse of this, so you drill a hole in the end of the bolt, then "tap" it (make a thread), then use a left handed bolt, screw it in, then, once it gets to the bottom of the thread, it should start to turn what it's in, i.e. the bolt.

Feck, that's harder to explain than I thought!

Hope it makes sense...

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Taps work well, well they did with the cylinder stud that was snapped on by old motorbike.

However, if they break your absolutely screwed.

I thought that most large tyre centres had the full range of locking keys and that 98% of wheels could be removed via the selection they have in the tool box.

An alternative would be to drive the car over to a VW dealer and ask them to order up the key ?

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I had a big problem recently with some McGard locks that had been overtightened - was lucky to have the key code so managed to get them off with a new key - they are hardened to stop drilling attacks.

There are also some "reverse" sockets which have a screw thread in them that tightens as you try to undo the bolt however these won't work on hardened bolts (handy for rounded heads though I would imagine).

I did find these people who make a purpose built tool for the job - Locking Wheel Nut Remover, Removes 100% of Locknuts with No Damage to the Wheel They are very helpful if you call them they will tell you someone local who has bought one, although some people buy the kit (125) then get their money back on eBay after removal.

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