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1995 cabriolet central locking


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I have a 1995 Audi 80 Cabriolet.

I can't open my boot or passenger door. If I unlock the drivers door all doors appear to unlock (door lock pins rise) but wont open. Can't even open passenger door from inside. If I unlock car from boot lock, then all doors unlock but only drivers door opens, not boot or passenger door. There is no resistance from the door handle or the boot button.

When I unlock I can hear the servos going and various clocking. The petrol flap unlocks as well.

Any ideas?

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If the door lock pins are going up on the passenger door it sounds like it has dead locked and may very well be that the latch itself has failed. The boot lid may be separate - these are prone to the 2 short wiring looms either side of the boot lid hinges that then spread into the lid itself failing. The wiring becomes high resistance or brakes where it fold when the boot lids shuts. This very often id the cause of the roof not working too. You can check with VAG COM on Measured Value Blocks that all door units etc are actually recieveing the unlock signal and that if they are attempting to open or lock.

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