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B5 RS4 wheels advice please


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Am I going to be ok with a B7 front brake upgrade whilst still keeping the OEM wheels?

I'm looking at buying a Dec 2000 model with several tweaks including a MRC remap but as part of the deal letting the seller keep the 19" Sportec Mono 10s and refit the originals.

Should I get spacers? Will the alloys be too close to the calipers to allow for any give in the wheels? Are the alloys going to crack up or bend if I track day the car? It seems that the seller has 2 OEM hard wheels & 2 OEM soft ones - which ought to go on the front?

Apologies for the dumb questions but I know diddly squat about B5 RS4s!

TIA +++

The car is here: Audi : MISANO RED AUDI 2.7 V6 RS4 AVANT

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IIRC, the B7 conversion needs 10mm spacers on the front. Run the softer wheels on the back, but only if you absolutely have to use them. I would replace them if I were you.

Wheels and calipers don't "give". If you remember, I used to run the Cayenne Turbo front calipers on my R32 and there was 3mm clearance between the rim and the caliper - never had any problems with expansion and I used to track that all the time.

Alloys won't crack or bend if you track the car - but having uprated brakes on a B5 RS4 is the first upgrade I would do +++

Car looks great by the way, although, even with the Sportec wheels off it, £22,500 is too much. Standard RS4s with average milage are going for as little as £16K now.

Don't forget that adding after-market mods adds nothing to the value of a car - it just makes it easier to sell. Doubtless the previous owner will have paid well over the top if it was bought from a main dealer.

Head/heart etc - I would negotiate hard - best of luck +++

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Many thanks for the tips, Mook +++

I took your point about the price - I'm not paying the full whack but most of the mods are staying on. It's great buying a car from an engineer - it has been garaged and clearly much loved. He's only selling it so that he can upgrade to a 997 turbo! It was a bit of a battle between my head & my heart!

I wanted to put the OEM wheels back on so that it wouldn't stand out quite so much - I might even debadge it too, although anyone who takes a quick look at the interior or the brakes is going to suss it out pretty quickly. The less attention it draws, the better as far as I am concerned. Shame it had to be Missano Red and go so damn quickly.... :grin:

Having struck a deal with the seller, I searched various fora for info on B5s and saw the problems with the standard 8J alloys. If they play up, I will just have to change them for something else. The Sportecs do look the business but I'd prefer the slightly smoother ride of 18" rims, even if it costs me some cornering ability.

Well, it has HPI'd ok, I've given the seller a deposit and am just waiting until he has taken his private plate off and re-registered it. Anyone want to buy a R32? Details will be posted shortly.

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