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[Audi A3/S3] S3's in Sheffield?


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Hi, Im new to this forum having been an owner of an S3 8L for some time now, I usually use audi-sport.net for my info but seen that you guys have some pretty useful stuff on here.

Just wondered if there are any other owners in Sheffield that i should look out for?

Im running a Dolphin Grey model with number plate starting N14***



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Chars Hopster!! I agree although if i had an 8P i most probably wouldn't haha.... makes me think that Audi intend bringing something more outlandish out...the fact that they haven't really differentiated the new S3 from the A3...ie no wide arches etc

There's been a huge amount of speculation about an RS3 - but there will not be one. The S3 is as extreme as Audi will make an 8P.

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I forget whether 8L or 8P is the new S3.. but I know a member on here who has a new S3 in Sprint Blue, you'll usually see it heading up the Parkway at rush hour +++

Not sure if you're meaning me Shark, or someone else, but I'm often screaming up and down the Parkway during rush hour, or round Meadowhall, and the M1 of course.

**** BFL

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