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First cars


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Its come to that time again and im looking to buy my youngest daughter a car asap as shes just passed her test. budget is around 3k.. Ive asked what she wants and shes after a corsa 1.2 sxi in black (facelift if within budget) Bought my son an 03 reg one in jan 2007. Ive seen afew facelifts 53/04reg for around 3k, is this too cheap? doesnt mention them being cat d's etc..

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My first car I bought myself and paid £750 for (ok, this was in 1992!)

Wasn't quite as shabby as this fine example and at the time a 1.6 pumping out 90bhp was the talk of the town :grin:

Opel Kadet 1.6SR (mine was a pooh brown colour)


You lucky bathplug Biscuits, thats exactly what I wanted for my first car (way back in 1990), but my £200 budget could only stretch to a Vauxhall Chevette...

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My first car was one of these -


Absolutely loved it I did, Had big webber (i think) twin carbs on it, big valve heads with pocketed pistons, Autodelta cam shafts, lightweight valve gear, straight through exhaust, lightened flywheel, koni suspension, quick shift kit, and many many more go faster bits that I cant remember.

Was bloody quick for a 1.5 and I reckon it'd still show a few modern hot hatches how it's done!

Sounded like this -

YouTube - alfasud 1.5 TI

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I had an Alfa-spud 1.5 ti (self funded), that got all the girlies going in 1988 :D What an ace car, sadly it fell apart with rust :( Like this one


Sadly, my forst car was 'just' the 1.3SC 3 door version. Still had a Weber twin carb, flat four and over-run snarl! Great mover for a 1.3. Considering I could have had a Fester 1.3 or Escort 1.3 GL - hmmmmmmm.

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Liar liar pants on fire, Tipex - that's a green colverleaf and well you know it, you headline grabbing git :P

That was a sample pic of a car that looks almost the same, except for the wheels, and mine had Alfa Romeo written down the side in big letters!!:rolleyes:

However, It was a Ti Green Cloverleaf, and was one of the last off the line with the 105bhp engine as opposed to the 95bhp Ti's (when standard) and had the Ti red carpets and bucket seats etc as well as the green clover luxuries and badges.

It might seem like an impressive first car but it only cost me £800 as it was 1994! you forget I'm not as old a git as you!!!:P

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Yes! Took me a while to dig through my old pictures (feck me there's some classics in there that I couldn't bring to the public domain!) and here's one of my first steed:


The only white car I've ever owned.

£100 to you sir :grin:

Oooooh, I had one of them as my first company wagon exactly the same as that one except for a feckin great company logo in the middle of the bonnet :grin:. 90hp of goodness which was much abused in the day pre camera scattered roads ;)

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