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Audi Service Indicator is Great!!!


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Beginning of the week, it showed I had 200 miles before the next service:(

Yesterday, thrashed the arse of the car driving home (saw 3 figures on the speedo :eek: whoops). Pulled up at home and checked the service interval and it showed 300 miles+++

Anyway, rang up 3 dealers last week to get some prices as (the car has 62k on the clock now) and got some interseting figures back.

The first place, due to my book not being stamped with the last services suggested I would need a major service.

She quoted me £685:eek:, but she said due to the age of the vehicle, I would get discount, so the price would be £559.

I asked about the cambelt change as I had heard that it is to be done at 80k or 7years and she checked the computer (the computer says no:roflmao:) and told me it is 80k, but every 48months (4years...). Ouch.

This was quoted at £536, but with discount, £433 (the oil makes up £150 of this!!!!!), which I didn't think was too bad.

She then decided to check the computer and it came up that it has been serviced by Audi that are not in the book (2002 @ 38k and 2006 @ 51k) so she then said that it wouldn't need a major service.

New figure for the service was now £426 (this with discount).

The belt cam in (with discount) at £433.

The other 2 quotes are as follows (with discount):

Service: £494 (if I want the brake fluid doing it would be an extre £66)

Cambelt:£506 (to change the cambelt alone was quoted at £393 if the tensioners don't need doing!!)

Service: £404 (didn't include spark plugs - £230 or brake fluid - £97)


THe last one also mentioned about changing the gearbox oil as well, quoting £57.91, which I thought was good.

So there you are, not as bad as I thought, but will have to decide which one I do first as I can't afford agrand outright.

Also, popped in to see the lady who looks after the companies fleet to see if she could do anything regarding the service and sat infront of her was the Audi rep - talk about timing:grin:

He has taken my cars details down and will hopefully get back to me with what he can do!!+++

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Finally my w12 has asked for a service. I have had it a year and a half although I have only done around 8000 miles in it.

The local audi dealer seemed to have almost a freakish mental connection with the car as the service reminder card came in the mail the day the service reminder screen showed - 200 miles or 1 week.

Its done 46,000 miles now so it will be interesting to see what they think needs doing, its got the full 5 year service and maintenance so everything is covered foc anyway (except tyres which it has already had this year), things are bad at the moment I wonder how much they find to do to it.

I know the discs are OK I had a good look at them when I had new tyres and they were fine, I bet they say it needs new discs and pads all round though !

I have also had a quattro oil service reminder card as well make sure they get that done whilst it there although I am sure I wont have to ask. As far as I can tell from the service history all its had from new is a new set of discs and pads and 2 sets of tyres. Think it needs a new battery (or batteries its got 2 I think), mmi is showing that the batteries are running down within a week and its going into low powerstate if its not run daily (no keyless entry, biometrics or ambient exterior lighting)

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THe last one also mentioned about changing the gearbox oil as well, quoting £57.91, which I thought was good.

Note 'Change the gearbox oil' which is a giant leap from a proper 'gearbox service'

When they change the oil, they literally drain it, and refill it. A proper gearbox place will drain it, remove the sump, change the filter, clean it all out and refill it correctly, and if they notice any other problems they'll be sure to let you know.

I've seen nothing but poor results from relying on Audi to do gearbox servicing - I'd definitely put a few more pennies in the pot and get it done properly by a transmission specialist...

On the plus side, the servicing / cambelt costs looked reasonable, and with the Audi warranty behind the service and parts used you can't go wrong...

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Well, got it booked in to the Audi garage 2 weeks this Monday (08.12.08) for the service - got it down to £347, which I think is a good price.

An extra £66 for the brakes (she said that it would be £400 all in including courtesy car!!).

Let you know how it goes - after Xmas, will be getting the timing belt done at £510 so will be good for many a year after!!

Cheers all+++

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