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BMW (E90) oil change and sump


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Hi all,

Great forum and very useful!

I've been looking at servicing my (E90) BMW , I've done various cars in the past but the BM has a slightly different set up as most of you will know!

I've looked underneath the car and found a "trapdoor" which appears to house the oil sump, mine is black with a 17mm black bolt but this points straight down, unlike other cars I've had it would mean you can't use a regular ring spanner to undo the nut, can someone let me know if this is actually the oil sump nut before I undo it?!

Also the oil filter access is very restricted and has a metal cover to prevent easy access! If anyone needs to know where to get hold of the tool oil filter cup wrench I'm happy to give a recommendation if you want to send me a message. I found it pretty damn hard to get the tool!

(sorry if this in the wrong section, new to this!)

Thanks for your help


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Welcome to Tyresmoke smithie :beer:

To be honest I have no idea, I send mine off to BMW and then take a hit to the wallet. If you do it yourself how are you resetting the service indicator? :confused:

Give the site below a click and you will be able to see the exploded view of the engine if you search for the model / engine you have got. Let us know how you get on. +++

RealOEM.com Online BMW Parts Catalog

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