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Cayman gone, Elise R here...


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had the same tyres on a previous Exige - not as bad as you would expect, but standing water to be respected!

It's a special built by the factory to investigate the possibility of a hardcore lightweight (lol - more than normal), version than normal. Only done 2k.

Based on the R (190 bhp yota), but with lightweight Reverie carbon fibre seats (900 each) that only weigh 2kgs each, lightweight forged alloys, carbon fibe bits, no carpets, and a special racing battery which is about the size of a box of cereal! All in all it weighs 70kg's less than normal - but to put that into perspective that's 10% off, or the equivelant of me not being in it!!

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edo, nice looking motor bud.

i was kind of thinking about a exige myself and i notice you say you've had one too.

how did you find it compared the the elise? dont think i'm a soft top kind of guy so thats why the exige has the appeal over the elise for me but would love to hear your opinion.+++

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S2 Exige comes in "S" (Supercharged) form, or normal (NA). I had an NA which is the same engine as the R/111R. So in terms of performance, nothing in it. (This "X" one off is actually a bit quicker due to 10% weight reduction, but you'd need a track or timing gear to tell the difference).

The Exige has a firmer suspension setup as standard, and a bit more downforce than the Elise, but everything bar the wing can be replicated on the Elise in terms of suspension, diff, wheels, twin oil coolers, seats and the like.

Note also that a softop can be fitted to an Exige, and a Hardtop to an Elise. The downside of the Exige is more or less bugger all rear visibility (N/A), and NONE AT ALL on the S...

Now you also have the SC supercharged Elise, so it's really down to budget and aesthetics...

Shout if you need more!


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