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Track Day insurance


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Seems VERY reasonable....which makes me worry.

"How many track days have you been on before?"

I guess I'll say 10+ as it doesn't determine between 2 and 4 wheels! ;)

For Ski gear it's factored dependent on the age. I wonder if they do that for the bikes?

It also appears to be £200 excess and limited to £1k (excluding medical) so really it's only £800 cover if I've read it right.

Reading further it seems that motorised vehicles are excluded from the "Activity Equipment" section.

If this is the case then I don't think it does more than give us medical cover.

Have you just read the site or did you speak with anyone there for clarifiying any of this?

I'm a tad dubious.

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Ive just signed up for medical insurance from the company recommended on the focused events website - its £31 for 4 days which covers any injury sustained on the track.

I cant see you getting a policy that covers the value of the bike for track time at a reasonable price. Its pretty much a case of be careful and try not to crash.

Most people take their number plate off if they have a road bike.

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