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[Audi A3/S3] Fault codes ? lambda sensor


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hi guys,

engine management light has come on (03 plate S3) and mechanic hooked it up to comp & following codes came up: 17524 - O2 heater circuit (Bank1-sensor1) Open circuit P1116

& 17511 - O2 heater circuit (Bank1-sensor1) capacity too low P1103.

I think they relate to lambda sensor pre-cat (although I may be wrong!)

But my question is where exactly do I look for this heater circuit? Is it easily seen / accessible?


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Chances are you won't be able to get to it, I've had a lambda replaced recently "pre cat" and it's a right pain, local garage had to remove the "CV Joint / casing" to get to it - very difficult to even see the lambda, however if needed you can disconnect, on my 2000 1.8T I could disconnect underneath the car just under the gear stick area.

A local garage charged £35 to replace exc parts, audi price was something like £200

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