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It's been mentioned on TSN - Infiniti FX50


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Due for UK launch in 2009:-

What is it?

Probably the last vehicle you’d think the market wants right now, what with a 5.0-litre petrol V8, SUV body, two-tonne weight and north-of-£55K pricetag.

Yet in the European markets that Infiniti has already launched in, the FX that has been selling most strongly. So let’s forget its 21.6mpg and 310g/km for a moment, and consider the car itself.

The FX is stylish, distinctive, contemporary and very attractively finished inside. Its 32-valve V8 generates a fat 385bhp and it comes with a heap of standard equipment too, including Nissan’s mostly excellent ‘birdview’ satnav, radar cruise control, heated and ventilated seats and the so-called ‘Around View’ monitor, whose cameras provide a 360-degree view around the car.

What’s it like?

A ‘quiet rebel’ is how Infiniti Europe describes its target buyer, but this car is only going to look relatively quiet if parked in a row of Range Rover Sports, X6s and Cayennes with its blinging great grille and 21in wheels.

The V8 engine is coupled to a seven-speed automatic transmission that features excellent, fixed-position magnesium paddles. The motor is powerful enough to launch this slightly-lighter-than-average sportier sport-utility to 62mph in a thrustingly competitive 5.8sec, placing it well among a competitive set that includes the BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and Audi Q7.

All of which makes for quite an invigorating experience, especially when you discover that this moderately vast car will assault corners with an enthusiasm that’s quite likely to have you cracking a smile.

In fact, the V8 is not quite as well-balanced as the V6 FX37, despite this version having rear-wheel steer, but both cars benefit from entertainingly incisive steering whose accuracy encourages you to commit to apices with real zeal.

The downside is a pair of very stiff anti-roll bars that can have this beast jostling quite noticeably at urban speeds – oddly, switching the adjustable dampers to sport actually improves the ride, because it stops the body heaving about so much.

Should I buy one?

If you’re still in the market for a sporting, full-size SUV, then the FX50S should shoot straight onto your shortlist, especially if you want something that’s more than a little different.






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