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Something the Gov. does right for a change


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I'm actually pleased with something so felt like sharing my satisfaction.

I've just taxed the A8 and declared my GSXR SORN and it took three minutes. Quick, simple easy to use. Why can't everything be like this? It's so much nicer than my youth and that endless queue in the post office clutching the documents and cash in my lunch hour and being coughed on by oiks.

The only fly in the ointment is that if my limited experience of civil service procurement is anything to go by then it cost five times what it should have done. :ffs:

Can anyone else think of anything that involves interaction between state and citizen that has actually got better in the last twenty years?


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I thought of that, but then dismissed it as (a) they also brought the deadline for paper returns back to 31 Oct and (b) moved to the current system of payments on account where you have to estimate what your earnings are going to be, pay tax on those earnings, then pay a fine if you underestimate.

So while being able to file online is a plus, it came as a package that included minuses.

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