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Best Fuel for MK V Gti?


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I am sure this has been done before but these are my view on the fuels I have run after 2 years in my GTI.

Less than 97 RON fuel makes a dull annoying engine noise and the performance feel a bit flat.

Of the better fuels I rate the following:

3: BP Ultimate, very punchy with a good dose of torque in lower revs but lacks top end.

2: Tesco 99, feels really light and revvy with decent pull.

1: Shell V-Power, has bags of torque with loads of top end.

In my opinion V-Power offer's the best for performance and economy in the GTI, its just a shame I cant get my club card points when i fill up...

Or am I missing something?

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i have done a 6 month test with Maxol E5, its 5% bio ethanol, about 99 octane.

i have also used generic from a local garage for 6 months.

without going into the nitty gritty, there was very little difference.

if anything the generic gave slighly more MPG, and the E5 was a little smoother.

cant get BP here, and shell v-power is just standard shell with detergent in southern ireland.

consider there is about 6cent per liter in the difference between E5 and generic, i just run generic now.

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EVO mag did a fuel test a few years back, Mk5 gti was one of their test vehicles. At the time Optimax (ie V power) gave best rolling road result - can't rememer the exact details but I think it was appros 212bhp at the crank?

I've tried several fuels and I still reckon the GTI likes V Power more than anything else on the market. MPG is also better IMO.

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I use V Power. I cannot tell the difference between Tesco's 99 stuff and Shell but I also collect the Shell points (for what they're worth!)

I have run several tests over the past 2-3 years in several cars, some long term hire cars. What I commonly found was that I believed I could get an extra 5-10% mpg from super unleaded. Whilst in most cars I couldn't confidently find any extra power, in many there did seem to be just a little more torque. This was most noticable on cruising motorway speeds on inclines and also accelerating normally / gently away from roundabouts. Nothing scientific - just my own tests.

Interestingly, my father in law drives an ed30 GTI and he also started using super unleaded. Being tighter than a nuns nasty, he wasn't initially keen to keep using the stuff. However, he has also found that he believes it pays back in terms of MPG in normal driving circumstances (ie not ragging it).

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I've always used Shell - Optimax and now V-Power. Nothing scientific in my decision - A family relative used to be Head of Shell in the Mediterranean, so it's a kind of loyalty thing.

I once had to use BP Ultimate but the difference I thought I felt may well have been placebo effect.

I also support Ferrari and I get several free tanks of V-Power a year thanks to the points system.

The Shell web site journey planner showing Shell stations is very useful - In fact it's essential if my GTI is to continue using V-Power. Also, my remap is based on V-Power.


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edit... I and I get several free tanks of V-Power a year thanks to the points system

You must cover some miles, RR. I get the £2.50 V-Power voucher from time to time from Shell, but really only do city miles during the week and weekend blasts, hence having covered 16k in 2 years.

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