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Anyone driven / own the R50??


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Hi has anyone driven / own the Touareg R50? What are your thoughts? Is it really rubbish on fuel?? I 'd would like to hear peoples thoughts on this car.

It's a 5 litre V10 diesel. You'll get 25 mpg at the most I'd have thought. Ignore the figures in teh brochure.

If you like it, test one. That's the best bet.

Don't worry about what other people think!

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I was chatting to an owner of one yesterday - he was parked next to me in the hospital car park.

Nice car, but didnt look much in black TBH - could have been any 'altitude' model. He recooned its performance was decent, but his economy was worse than many big engined petrols he'd owned.

Would make a good used buy though :D

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I'd be surprised if you got anything near 25mpg out of one..

I just manage that with my 4.2 tdi.. don't get 20 around town.

I can't help but feel that they are a lot of money for a touareg.. I think there are better deals to be done.

Agreed and they will lose money very fast, 2.5 K per month for the first 6 months at least IMO.

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That engine in a Phaeton gets 15mpg MAX I can tell you from experience. There is also a design flaw in the vag v10 tdi lump, problem with heat build up causing damage to the engines if you go on the phaeton forums you will find a fair few people that had to have engines replaced under warranty.

In the real world you wont get anything more than 10 - 15mpg overall I would say. The v10 tdi is a big heavy lump with the same or worse fuel economy than a big petrol engine. I get 15 - 20mpg out of a 6.0 w12 450bhp 2 ton A8 ! I you want performance go for the 4.2 petrol is my advice.

Anyway I got offered a december 06 3.0 tdi se Tourag with a few toys 30,000 miles 1 owner balance of warranty. £13k. Sounds cheap to me, trying to get the mrs into it but she wants an rs6 avant ! BTW the dealer offered £12k trade in !

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