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Mandrus Emil 19x9.5 and 8.5's Wheels with tyres


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The wheels are in great condition, some minor curbing on 1 of the wheels which is hard to notice unless you know it is there.

I have put brand new Goodyear F1 tyres on the rear - the best and one of my most expensive tyres going - They have only been used on the car for under 100 miles as I was going to replace the fronts aswell and then use the wheels again but I am needing the money so I have went back to running the standard alloys and I am looking to sell these to free up some cash.

So yeah the front tyres could do with replacing, except for that they are good to go.

A little background info:

This set is from LA in the US and I believe you'll have a hard time getting a set over here unless you find a company who is importing them.

They cost $272.99 per rim in the US and then the cost of flying them home on top of that, aswell as the tyres that I have fitted to them.

Some pictures:


Chrome lips with laquer ontop so you dont have to worry about cleaning them all the time, they wipe clean and come up extremely shiney, can be run all winter as the salt doesnt effect the chrome




They are 5x112 and I believe they are ET48 (going to go check that on one of the wheels in a minute)

The 9.5inch rear wheels have a 2.3inch lip and the 8.5inch fronts have a 1.2inch lip

I'm looking for £800, located in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland



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