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poly belt tensioner replacement!


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Happy New Year to you all,shows how bad my social life has become,when I am posting on a New Years eve,rather than on the lash but here goes,car is 2.8 sport 1998

The poly belt tensioner is making a lovely noise on start up,this follows on from an earlier post of mine,ref power steering pump replacement,it appears it aint the pump,great some mechanics diagnosis!!!!

So my next question is,how much of a job is it to replace the tensioner?And any issues to watch out for.

I dont know what it is about these cars,or maybe its this forum with all of the tips and upgrades etc, but did the chrome ring speedo surrounds today,what a nice subtle upgrade.Just the bodywork swirls and minor scratches to do when the weather picks up.

Cheers Rich

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Yes I am also sad; perhaps a little less sad as I have a cold so am going to bed after this assuming the fireworks let me sleep:

The procedure is quite painless no need to remove front end or anything like that.

Dismantling and assembling engine

Removing and installing ribbed belt

Special tools and workshop equipment required

Mandrel 3204 - improvise with a phillips screwdriver


Remove engine cover panel -arrows-.

Remove air ducts -1- and -2-.


Mark the direction of rotation with chalk or felt pen before removing the ribbed belt. If the belt rotates in the wrong direction when it is refitted, it may break.

Tensioning roller with hexagon flats:

To slacken ribbed belt, turn tensioning element in direction of arrow with 17 mm ring spanner.

Insert mandrel 3204 into holes -arrows- to stop tensioning element from turning.

Guide ribbed belt over viscous fan and remove belt.

Tensioning roller with hexagon socket:

To slacken ribbed belt, turn tensioning element in direction of arrow with hexagon key (10 mm).

Insert mandrel 3204 into holes -1- and -2- to stop tensioning element from turning.

Remove ribbed belt.


Install in reverse sequence - note the following points:

Place ribbed beltonto crankshaft pulley first. Slide belt onto tensioning roller last.

Belt routing

1 - Alternator

2 - Ribbed belt

3 - P.A.S. vane pump

4 - Viscous fan

5 - Air conditioner compressor

6 - Crankshaft

7 - Tensioning roller

Install viscous fan => Page 13-7.


Ensure that the ribbed belt is properly seated in the pulleys when installing.

Start engine and check that belt runs properly.

Happy New Year Fellow TSN A/S8ers!+++


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