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Half leather seats


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OK to clean the cloth i would recommend just doing something like dry cleaning product b/c of the weather and wait til it gets warmer and try try a wet use product.

As an example a microfibre cloth or an upholestry brush or both would be good items to get, then Autoglym foam interior cleaner, Clearkote Heavy duty cleaner would both work and not leave your seats soaked.

Failing that Meguiars carpet and upholstery shampoo would be good as would Woolite and water mixed 10 parts water to 1 part woolite. But watch you dont soak the foam parts of the seat as they will be hard to dry and will smell.

I dont know what methods you have not used before but spray on the foam, and work it with a brush in to the fibres of the seat. Leave it to sit for 30 seconds then aggitate again then wipe away with your mircofibre cloth.

If the fibre are densly packed together it might take some time to get the product between them and get it clean.



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